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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Obama Time

Well the President was out of his office and sitting on the couch on The View

Do you think they could have sat Elizabeth any farther???? And why was Joy allowed to sit next to him?? I guess we know which side the producers of the show vote on, huh?

And then I felt - and it could just be me - that Elizabeth wasn't allowed to ask the questions she really wanted ... nor was she able to defend the attack - unwarrented/unnecessary attack - that Joy launched on Fox News!

His main points:
  • he prevented a new Great Depression - there was no proof that it was going to go that far, and he didn't touch on how much of that was brought about by his own policies
  • he created and saved jobs in the private sector - he completely blew off Elizabeth's questions about the truthfulness of that statement
  • he is making education more obtainable - of course he didn't talk about how middle class people still won't be able to afford sending their kids ... I did love Elizabeth's question about whether the kids will find a job when they get out ... it was ignored, btw.
He also managed to distance himself from the whole Shelly Sharat (sorry don't have time to double check that name right now) situation ... he did say his administration "over reacted" and that the cable news shows made too much over it ... yeah right.
He did not mention anything about the NAACP not willing to release the entire tape to clear the mess up when it first hit ... but he was quick to point the finger at the website (and they are the ones who deserve the blame) which took the comments out of context.

I just don't think he came off very well.

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