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Monday, July 26, 2010

Numerology Class

Food/Beverage Costs
by House of Representatives:

$2.6 Million on Food & Beverage
  • $604,000 on bottled water
  • $397,000 on catering
  • $135,000 on restaruant meals

So how does this break down by party?

  • $298,734 Democratic Leaders (Majority Leader & Majority Whip not included, Food only)
  • $292,927 Republican Leaders


What happened to brown-bagging it? My kids have to do it ... my husband has to do it ...

as far as the bottled water goes - what are they paying for a flat of water???

We can get it $10/72 ltr .(3-24pks)... so for the money they spent the added 4,348,800 plastic bottles to the landfills ... let me repeat that

348 Thousand
800 empty plastic bottles

I'm wondering also how many of their meals were eaten on paper/styren plates, used disposable flat ware, and drinks served in syrofoam/plastic cups .... and the napkins - you can bet that they used a LOT of paper napkins.

So much for the "greening" of DC!!

It is truly a land of "Do as I say, Not as I do" .... no matter which party they are in.

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