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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Where's the Beef?

I've steered clear of this all week but since the comics on tv are making fun of it I'll jump in ....

Taco Bell -- tastes great, but don't confuse taste with food here.

They are being sold because their 'seasoned beef' is ... well not 100% beef.  I don't see where it ever claims to BE 100% beef -- just seasoned beef.  Hell, 100% beef isn't exactly 100% beef either.

here's what their "seasoned beef" has in it:
anti-dusting agent
yeast extract
corn starch

Jay Leno says its a hotdog.  Sounds more to me like meatloaf that's been crumbled up -- to me 88% still qualifies as beef.

You know - if they want to jump on anything I've got something that really needs attention.


Products are supposed to list the top 5 allergins if they are in their product - fish is one of them ...

BUT if a product uses WORSTERSHIRE SAUCE they do not have to declare fish on the package ...

but anyone with a fish allergy knows Worstershire Sauce is made from FERMENTED ANCHOVIES which is FISH!!!!!!

How can they get away with this???

This is where the class action lawsuit needs to be .... luckily I have not suffered a high allergy reaction to it ... but one of these days I'm gonna be in big trouble!

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