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Thursday, February 10, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Egypt to get new government

The scuttlebutt is that President Mubarak will be stepping down from his post ...

the hope is that it will be in such a way that it will keep the Muslim Brotherhood from taking hold of the country .... fears being that it would make a second Iran-like government in the region ...

Tehrer square has become crowded with people - more than there was during the protests that I've seen ....

now lets hope that this isn't just a ploy to get all the desidents into one area to take them out in a mass 'crack down' ... but I would doubt it.

There has also been rumors that Mubarak will be stepping down at the urging of a military gun ... that there may have been a military coup, in hopes of keeping the cap on things.

I have to wonder if we won't end up with another Uganda situation .... where the military leader gets put into power and then doesn't want to give it up ...

I just hope the Egyptian people have thought this all out ....
and that they don't get something that they weren't expecting.

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