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Thursday, February 03, 2011


What is going on in this world?

Did you see what is going on in Egypt?  I've been glued to the news for the last few days - I just couldn't take it any longer, I had to take a break from it.

Yesterday was just nuts - they started the National Museum on fire with all those ancient treasures!  OMG - it was like the burning of Alexandria!

Even the news agencies this morning had to take a break and they went to an amazing story in Oklahoma .... a truck had gone off the side of a bridge (video) during a snow storm and managed to land in the river below ... breaking the ice just enough to get the truck stuck but not enough for it to go under the water.

They said there were 6 people on top of the vehicle and two inside the cab ... but from what I saw, the rescue crews didn't seem to be rushing too quickly.

They said that there were three deaths so I would assume (and its just an assumption) that the two people they say were in the cab are at least two of the deaths ...

but they figured that these people were out there for at least a day .... stuck ... without help.

some person driving along the bridge happened to notice them downt there and called 911 ... amazing!

you have to wonder how many other cars passed over them and didn't see a thing ...

they speculated that in the recent snow storm a drift was created on the bridge high enough to negate the effectiveness of the guard-rail and the car was able to just slide, skid, or drive off the edge.

it was just amazing that they didn't slide under the water!


They are saying that a court house in Alabama has been put into lock-down because of a shooting incident ... they don't know if it was IN the building or just NEAR the building ....

the thing is -- the court house is connected to the city hall too, so the shots could have come from there.

hmmm ... wonder what it was all about? 

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