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Friday, July 08, 2011

"Who Cares About the Economy?"

Those words came from my 11 year olds mouth today as I listened to the radio and Comte plated this post ... And that is probably the same thing that most adults feel too when they listen to the news.

Who cares?

We all better start caring ... Not just Our economy in the US but around the world as well.

Because very quietly ... Almost as we slept ... They ... Whoever "they" are ... Have moved us into a Global economy.

Affront from the first loan from France to fund the revolutionary war to where other nations actually own the debt ... To other nations making the products we need for everyday life ... To criminal charges being dropped for financial favors I guess I better not say that since it's just specukation on my part - but the coincidence was awe-inspiring.

But just to show the extent of this new Global economy ... You will have to read the next post about the UN ...

It is so sad that everyone has their hand in our pockets ... But the cost will really be - not our grandchildrens future - but our own children's future as the problems which everyone is sweeping under the carpet for contemplation "later" are making a bigger and bigger bump under that rug.

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