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Friday, July 08, 2011

UN to take Our $ in Exchange for Kick in Pants

"A comprehensive global energy transition is urgently needed in order to avert a major planetary catastrophe."
The World Economic and Social Survey, 2011

so what does this mean to us in the US?

Well it means $76 TRILLION over the next 40 years (although if it's that urgent, you can expect it to be sooner than that)

That's an average of $1.9TRILLION a YEAR ... But it wasn't that long ago they said it would only cost $600 BILLION a year to go "Green" ...

This will be another "while you're sleeping" program ... It is a backdoor to a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT ... This is a massive move to redistribute wealth ... A global Communism, if you will.

Half of the money will go to developing countries - who are the biggest polluters per capita - but if you are wondering who is going to put up the majority of these funds ...
"... The United States of America is a country that people around the World admire for it's CAN DO attitude - here people believe that no problem is too big for human ingenuity to solve. The world has never needed that ingenuity more than it does today. The world needs your leadership"
Sha Zukang
Chinese diplomat
Rio summit
the US pays 22%of the UN budget as it stands now ... Even though the UN owes us money for rent of the space in New York and several other issues ... You'll have to do a site search to find the previous posts of the money battle that WAS going on with the UN ...

BUT the UN really needs to get it's act together ... You see LAST WEEK (maybe the week before) they released a report that was scathing towards China over their policies which was going to lead to Global COOLING!

Ok - so I can understand the UN coming out with "statements" ... but I don't understand were they have the POWER to force countries to make certain cars or light bulbs or gas blends. ......

That was not what the Body was created for!

The UN has lost sight of their original purpose ... And the nations had better rein them in before it gets even more out of hand.

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