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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Warren Buffet Bill

Ok - a few things about this bill that people may not know ...

A)It taxes people twice on the same income ... thats as stupid as paying income tax on the refund you got. (oh don't get me started on that one)

B)The reason Warren Buffet doesn't pay as much as his secetary is because
(a)he uses an accountant to find every tax loophole there is for him
(b)he is not paid a salary - he gets a share of profits.(if he drew a straight salary he would pay more taxes out of the chute)

C)He still has not paid taxes to the IRS that he has owed since 2002!!!

So when people sit back and point the finger and using him as an example - lets take a REAL look at it all.

You know .... nothing prevents him from NOT cashing that refund check that he gets.  The money would then circulate into the "general fund" to be redoled out.

He can NOT simply write out a check like everyone says ... that would smack as a bribe.

He could simply pay himself a salary, fill out a 1040EZ by himself, not take any itemized deductions, and then actually PAY the IRS what they are owed IF his concious was really bothering him.

I'm wondering how long before we find him running for either office or getting a cabinet seat.

this whole thing smells of yesterday's diapers.
baby herman, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"

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