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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spoiled Rotten

In what was really a blatant plug for not only the store but also the products ... Fox & Friends allowed themselves to be used as a giant INFOMERCIAL for KMart ...

(roll eyes here)

They,  the store, hired Manny from 'Modern Family' to get out and speak about some of what KMart is deeming to be the "hottest" toys for the season ... well the ones they showed ... and you will get the idea.

Not only pay attention to the toy but the PRICE as well ... oh I will list that first.

$69.99 Lets Rock Elmo .... he has a set of bongos and you can hardly understand a word he says.  I can't see any interaction appeal to this one at all.

$29.99 I Am T-Pain Microphone ... this thing is supposed to "auto-tune" your singing voice ... so you too can be a "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star.  basically it reverbs to a point where your ears cant tell the difference ... it seemed way too loud and then add to it the 'beat box' buttons that come with it and you've got a fist full of migraine right there.  They should just call it I Am Pain.

$31.99 Barbie Hairtastic Doll.  You design hair extensions on the computer and print them out, these extensions can be put on the doll or your own kids hair.  You must have an ink-jet printer for this, laser printers will not work.  COME ON - ITS A BARBIE DOLL!!  NO BARBIE DOLL IS WORTH $32!!  Your kid is gonna play with this for about a week and its going in the toy box with all the other dolls she doesn't play with.

$54.99 Cookie My Playful Pup.  She makes chewing noises when a bone goes in her mouth, barks when you pet her,   They couldn't get it to work, but it reminds me of the Cubs-Alive toys.  I wouldn't pay this much for the toy, but the ones from WowWee are well made and have lasted years for my kids ... I do not know who the manufacturer of THIS toy is though.
You know .... I have my own list of things to look for:

Legos - they are timeless and are just as much fun in later years as your child grows.  And in most cases the old set is compatable with the new sets so a little goes a long way.  I suggest staying away from those huge kits that cost over $10 ... your kid will build their own big buck set over time.

Pipe Cleaners and Pom Poms ... I know its very low tech - but you would be surprised at the hours of fun your kid will have creating their own toys.  My kids range from 11-22 and they still enjoy putzing with twist ties and pipecleaners just to see what they can make.

Learn to Knit/Crochet kits ... this is a lifetime skill which will come in handy later in life as a stress reliever and money saver.  In the short term they will make scarves etc, but in the long run they will be able to make gifts for other people.

American Girl Dolls - I know they are like $100 each BUT they are quality made.  They will last your daughter up into her adulthood and are expandable - there are some very nice inexpensive accessories which you can get at Walmart & Target as well (My Generation). 

18" Dolls - there are several CHEAP versions of the American Girl dolls out there which are good for girls under age 8 or those who are not quite mature enough to care for the $100 doll.  They do have the cheaper hair which mats up rather easily and does not lend itself well to combing/brushing out ... but for a first big doll they are a good choice ($5-$20)

Im Alive Cubs from WowWee ... These are more expensive but I have to tell you - I have had good experiences with these.  We have two of them ... a large panda and a wolf cub for my son ... even at 15 yrs of age he still snuggles with them.  I have found them worth the money as a cuddle toy - but be advised - they are stiff and have a hard body.

Handheld Game Systems - I know these are expensive to start ... but once the machine is purchased you can get the games second hand for sometimes just a few bucks ... and Walmart runs specials for games that are $5/each!!! You can't beat that!

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