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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The View: Palins biography

Ok - this really bugged me so I have to post about it ...

Let's first cover the statement from Barbara Walters that has gotten everyone in an up roar ... AND RIGHTLY SO ....
" ... The worst thing to me that you said was that the down-syndrome child, Trig, may not be hers ..."
Oh Barbara - couldn't you identify the child and then caveat with "the down-syndrome child" if you needed to mention it at all? surely you knew there was going to be a photo of her holding Trig, why would you even bring his condition up?

Now to "mr wonderful" ... How did this guy ever get credibility? Here's what I mean ....

Barbara asked him about his claim that Trig isn't really Sarah Palin's biological child.
His response(s):
" Barbara you've been pregnant haven't you?"
WTF? What does that have to do with anything? My pregnancies were totally different from my mothers, hers were different from her sisters' and mine were different from my friends ...
Barbara answered no but that she had several miscarriages (which Joy made a tasteless joke of Babs being in management not labor)- I did love how Whoopi looked around like "WTF? What kind of answer is that?"
"Sarah says she woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning, she was awaken by contractions and found that her water had broken - this is 4 o'clock in the morning in Dallas TX - first of all as a mother in the late stages of pregnancy over the age of 40 with a high- risk baby I don't know why she would even go to TX, that's a very risky thing to do ..."
why are Texans hard on women over 40 who are pregnant? Do they not like high-risk babies? Are women forbidden to travel in late-stage pregnancy? I dont get his response here ...
" ... But she's down there to make a speech, she awaken, her waters breaking, and she's having contractions - please - she calls her obstetrician, who's not really an obstetrician he's the family physician ..."
so what? I was birthed by our family physician! As were hundreds of people in America before it became the fashion to go to specialists in the 70s ... There is NOTHING WRONG with having a single doctor multitask, as a matter of fact I prefer a GP to specialists because they don't seem to get hooked on the latest thing down the pike - worst doctors I've dealt with were "specialists"
" ... In Alaska, and reports this and says 'i'll stay in touch with you'. Eight hours go by before she goes to lunch to make a speech, actually Rick Perry was there too, during all that time she does not go to a hospital to get checked, she completely ignores the possibility that she could be going into early labor, that she could be giving birth to this high-risk situation. After the speech, she gets on a plane, she flies to Seattle, the airline attendants on that flight said she showed no signs of being pregnant. There's a 2 hour lay-over in Seattle where she sits in the airport club there and chats with a fellow from Alaska who's on his way back to Juno ..."
here even Barbara gets bored with this string of non-answer, nonsense and tries to rush him to his point and asks point blank - who's baby is it if it isn't hers?...
" ... I have no idea, I have no idea, (joy jokingly asks if it's his) ... I plead not guilty to that one Joy, no way!"
is that "no way" because it's sarah palins baby? Or because the baby has Downs Syndrome?
What a jerk! There were much better responses ... How about, not mine I couldn't find the business end of a woman with a gps system ... How about, only kids I have are with my wife? ... Jerk

I did love that Joy pointed out that even after the water breaks that you have many hours to go before birth! It pains me - but props to Joy!

" ... All that m saying is that the story she tells gives rise to questions that are still out there that haven't been answered. And the main-stream media has ignored this story - Andrew Sullivan has been about the only responsible journalist to express any interest in this for the past 18 months. If this story were not true it would be the most outrageous hoax ever played on the American people"
the story I think he is referring to is the story of Trig's birth, not the sack of crap he is trying to sell.
But it gets better - after all this venom ... And after printing the story IN HIS BOOK ... He says
" ...i'm not saying that, there are thousands of people out there who believe that's not her baby, I'm not one of them"
Really? If you don't believe it - then why did you make it such a big part of your book @$$hole! I wish I could post a clip as he is telling this story, he looked like some high school girl with a juicy bit of gossip.

This guy is little better than the paparazzi! He is a tabloid journalist and he belongs writing for the "Star", the "Globe", or the "National Enquirer" ... He does NOT belong on a national tv show getting a free plug for his garbage.

Everyone in the audience got a copy of his book - let's hope they have a giant book-burning ceremony. Not to support Palin but to protest the publication of such gossip-mongering as news.

Another disappointing moment for Barbara ... When Joy asked him what he thinks the motivation for pretending to have the child would have been ... Barbara jumped in with "to look good politically" ... Made you wonder if she doesn't believe the story.

Todd Palin's response about the book (read by Barbara and given by Todd in the past, not for this particular interview)
" this is a man who relentlessly stalked my family to the point of moving in right next-door to us, to harass us and spy, his book is full of disgusting lies, inuedos and smears."
I know barbara was rushed for time and all at the end of the segment - but she read thru it so fast that it hardly gave justice to the words

I will say it ...


He is only trying to profit on the politics and gossip of the day.
Someday Trig is going to find this book and read it ... The poor kid ... I hope he sees it for the pack of filth that it is.

Even if Trig were adopted - it's no ones business!

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