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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baby Lisa

New developments this morning as police have sought, gotten, and executed a search warrant on the family home -- not only that but police have told the family that they can not return to the home until they are finished with it ...

The family's high priced attorney- Joe Tacopina - was on Foxnews this afternoon ... Instead of with the family ... His feeling was that he had an attorney there on the ground (probably an associate) and that was good enough for them - remember that the family isn't paying for this lawyer some anonymous benefactor is as far as we know ...

When asked if the police didn't have to have some overwhelming "probable cause" in order to obtain the warrant he answered no, that is just for proceeding with criminal charges

No - the whole issue with HLS/patriot Act warrants was that they could initiate the warrant and then shown the proof for execution afterwards ...

The police are dotting i's and crossing t's .... They've got something ... Or maybe they think the baby is still there someplace ...

My guess too is that they cleared out the family because they are going to rip walls/rooms apart and they don't want them to see it ...

Or it could be that they are afraid that they
May contaminate the crime scene ... Of course why they'd let them back into the house while it's still a crime scene is beyond me.

Tacopina's contention is that there is no reason why this family should need to be looked at ...

Oh I don't know ...

Maybe because she can't keep her story straight?
Maybe because she was he last one to see the baby?
The time line of what's happened isn't lining up?

And he should know that the family is primary suspects until they are cleared ... These people haven't been cleared yet

This lawyer is a slick one

He was hired by Michael Jackson for one of his assistants during one of those child-abuse suits of his ...
He has defended several rap stars in criminal suits
He's a sports agent - so he works with those guys
He got one of the NY cops off which abused a Haitian immigrant with a plunger.
But the biggest case that he's had lately is Husen Troot ... The guy who was accused of killing Natalie Hollaway ... And then confessed to beating that gal down in south/central America ... Hmmmm

This guy does not have a good track record of defending "innocent" people ...
I wonder who's paying for him ...
The private investigator has said that he was hired by a family friend because they felt the parents were guilty - he has not been able to find proof against them - so far

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