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Friday, December 30, 2011


NOAA is trying to justify itself again saying that the number of billion dollar weather disasters has climbed significantly s once the 1980s ...

There chart shows only 8 such storms in the 80s while showing one for every year since the 90s ...

Well DUH

Part of this is because - well in the 80s Reagan was in charge and prices were kept low

Also, the 90s and beyond saw a rise in the demand that only companies who used Union labor be given contracts to fix such areas ...

Then there is just the plain price of things going up ... EVERYTHING is more expensive now than in the 80s (he'll, it's more expensive than it was in 2008 before the election)

And yes I'm sure that in this decade we will even see MORE storms that will cost at least $1billion to recover as prices sky rocket even higher ...

And I predict ....
Before this decade is out we will see our first $1 Trillion weather disaster ... And it really isn't going to be that bad

It's just the price of material & labor and government permits, etc

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