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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nancy Pelosi

Well while congress trying to find new ways to take your money ...

Pelosi has found a way to take more from CA - you know that state that may have to find a way to declare bankruptcy because they can't pay their bills ...

She is on vacation in HAWAII ... Wonder why she didn't go back to her own state ... Oh yeah - the Obamas were vacationing in Hawaii too silly me

So she stayed at the best hotel for the cheapest money for CA to pay right?


She stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel ...


$10,000 a NIGHT

They don't know if this included food & drinks even ...

Bend over CA!

Then there is the cost of the police escort to get her around town - on the Hawaiian tax-payees back ...

$35,000 for the police staff alone

This is also her THIRD such trip since being in office ... and obama's been in office for three years now ... Naw, must just be coincidence

There is some speculation that she may have paid for this herself ...

And I suppose it's pretty light compared to what we are paying for the President to take a vacation ...


For his share alone ... Then there's the First Family expenses on top of that ...

Sony you love how our money gets used? And they are now asking for MORE ...

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