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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ron Paul

More quotes are coming out about Ron Paul ...

A former aide ( Eric Dondero, sorry if I spelled that incorrectly) has been quoted as having said that Ron Paul doesn't believe that the US should have entered into WW2, that we had no business in "saving the Jews" ...

Well a few things wrong here ...

1)Obviously Ron Paul didn't pay attention in history class

2)We entered WW2 after we were bombed by JAPAN

3)We went to the war in Europe to help the BRITISH allies

4)The plight of the Jewish people wasn't known by the general public until AFTER we got there, almost towards the end of the war.

this man is SCARY

He will NOT mean free rights, open arms, etc ... He will be a knee jerk reaction in the other direction...

He will be one that will limit the freedom to Bear Arms in the worry that a militia would be formed ...

He would be one who would veto even a good law in fears of offending someone ...

Like Bachmann, he is better as a single voice amongst many ...

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