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Friday, December 30, 2011

Newt Gingrich

Gained a supporter today, Art Laffer - I think he was Ronald Reagan's economic advisor or worked on the advisory board - he like Newt for his economic plan

Newt's Economic Plan
• drop corporate tax rate from 35% to 12.5%
• end ALL capital-gains tax (this means you buy a house and you sell it for more, you don't have to give half of the gains to the government)
• eliminate death tax (yes they will tax you for dying, or rather your estate)
• optional 15% FLAT TAX rate (also called the national sales tax, but I think he is figuring this as an income tax so EVERYONE pays 15% ... it seems more fair. If you make $35,000/yr you pay $5,250 in tax ... If you $1million you pay $150,000 in taxes ... Hollywood will never go for it)
Bring back the GUARANTEED STUDENT LOAN program and you can have my vote!

The GSL program was the single most important program that got the middle-class child into college ... and make the CHILD responsible from the get-go instead of the parents and I'm betting that the state universities will see a great influx of students and test scores will rise in high schools as that college degree will become attainable to students again.

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