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Friday, December 30, 2011


Why do people keep using ,Craigs list?

Seems like everyone you turn on the tv there is some story of someone using the list to do something illegal ...

Turn on any of the court tv shows and I'm guessing there will be a case in there involving Craigs list ...

I'd like to say that it's not the lists fault ... And I'm sure they feel that people should be responsible enough to monitor themselves - but I also think the list has to take a certain responsibility to help people who have issues ( and yes I know things happen on eBay too, my own brother was a victim of an attempted fraud on eBay - but they have a recourse system built in)

So here's the latest -- it involves a US Marine as the victim ... His guy came back safe from overseas just to be shot 3 times by the peeps.

The 911 call:
Caller: at least 10 shots. I was working on my car, and heard shots, and he just ran away.

Dispatch: do you still see them?

Caller: I see the truck, the truck is still there, the truck the white guy jumped out of. I don't know who was shooting, they did, the guy guy he was chasing, or maybe him.

The Marine survived by using his own fingers to plug the bullet holes he received.

Apparently he was going in the stead of his girlfriend who was selling a gold necklace - the guy decided to steal the necklace by running and the Marine gave chase .... He also had 5 kids in his car (why did he take the kids?)

WTF? this sounds fishy ... I would think the meeting spot would have been a tip off ... I hope she wasn't involved in this - she is saying the wedding date is going to be bumped up ... Hmmm that will make her his beneficiary ...

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