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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Economic education

They came out with a new list of Economic Freedom
1)Hong Kong
4)new Zealand
10)United States of America

They say this means that the government recognizes the right for people to own private property is SUPERIOR to it's right to take that property (they can't just say 'imminent domain") - and he economy is generated by the free choices of the consumer and investors. Level of taxation, level of regulation.

Really? You think China allows people to choose what they buy? Heck they won't even let people choose what Internet browser/search engine to use ...
They also say that the tax rates are a flat rate for most of these countries, that no matter how much you earn it will always be equal to the same percentage ... Exception being Canada I guess according to the commentators ...

I don't know about this list ... I can understand if it took into consideration the person debt issue - most of those countries work on a nearly cash-only basis ... Of course this also means a larger disparity between the classes ... The poor find it hard to get ahead, the rich have way more than they need.

I was surprised that India didn't show up on the list - although I suppose it is just too hard to paint a picture of equality amongst people when there is still so much coverage over the poor.

No Venezuela? Well Chavez is not going to stand quiet for that one - I suspect that when this list comes out he will somehow paint it that the US fixed it ...

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