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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Election 2012: GOP debate SC

Ok - found some interesting graphics on Foxnews ... Wanted to share:
These are how TRITTER fans decided whether the candidates where answering questions during the debate - or whether they were dodging the answers ...

Ron Paul did really well - but then they say his followers are those who don't have real jobs yet and have nothing better to do than sit around plunking on the computers - basically democrats who don't want to alienate mommy &daddy because they hold the purse strings ...
Romney did horrid - he came acrossed as the typical politician ... Only once did he ever show any green of being truthful.

Now as usual, you know this app only throws photos at the bottom of the posts instead of burying them within it ... So I'll just posts the photos with as much info as I can get on the screen for y'all

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