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Friday, April 20, 2012

File This Under ...


Man we thought Clinton was a bad egg ... There isn't a branch of military who was my touched by the SS hooker scandal

Those involved:
• 11 agents (at least)
• 6 from the Army
• 2 from the Marines
• 2 from the Navy
• 1 from the Air Force
• members from counter-assault, counter-sniper squads, a jump team

Their punishments:
• one retired (at what pay though?)
• one resigned
• three fired
• one is going to sue

I suppose it depends on whether they are told they can not engage in "adult activities" while in a foreign country or not ... but I thought it was against the
Military code of conduct, even though guys do it anyways

The agent allowed to retire apparently was on Sarah Palin's security detail during the 2000 election ... he posted a photo of Palin with a crude remark beneath it. CREEPY!

Fox showed a clip of Palin remarking on the photo incident and she did look a bit creeped out ... Dude you are supposed to PROTECT her from the staplers not BECOME one


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