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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

File This Under ...

This Is A Story?

Octomom, Nadia whatsherface, is now getting $2000 a month in welfare out in CA

She was on some show where they went in and fixed up her place so she could try to sell it after her kids were allowed to trash the place ...

CA felt that she should get the help after she failed to have an annual income of less than $8,000 per person in the household ... That is, she earn less than $119,000/yr


It's not a story that she is getting welfare - it's what they clim are the standards ...

So if she earned $118,000/ yr .... That's $9833/month ... $2269/week ... $323/day ... She would STILL qualify

I know she has 14 kids ... But still -- that's an awful lot of money to be earning in order to still get welfare ...

Is the "cost of living"/economy in CA that even at $100,000 you can get welfare???


And don't think that is just city/county/state money .... The Federal government -- therefore WE are paying for this woman's bad decision

While I feel sorry for her - I think she needs to go spend some time with the Druggers or any one of several large families who haven't had to seek financial help ...

Maybe this should be a lesson for all those girls out there that think they can raise their kids without the help of a man ... Especially if you are planning on being a student at the same time

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