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Friday, April 20, 2012

The World We live In

A 9 year old was being bullied for months ... The boy finally had enough and when the bully attacked again the little boy FOUGHT BACK

The school had been told about the incidences ALL YEAR (about once a week) - who supposably told the family to ignore it - when the boy sought help from staff during the school day when the incidents happened, most of the time nothing happened

The last straw was when the bulky kept lifting up the 9 year old (just a peanut of a kid) and slamming him into the concrete of the schools basketball court - the bully elbowed him in the eye, and kicked the little boy in the back ... The boy bares the marks to prove his injuries ...

The 9 year old punched the bully in the face! {GO KID!} the bully then punched him in the face as well

BOTH boys were suspended this time For two days...

"District 11 schools employ many anti-bullying teaching techniques ... and none of these
Methods include violence or retaliation"
Debra Ashby
Spokeswoman, via KDVR (via FoxNews)

Well apparently the "teaching techniques" the use just teach the bullies that their victims won't - CAN'T - fight back making them even larger targets!

I know at our high school they will also suspend both the attacker and the victim who stands up for himself ... which while I think is stupid I can understand if it was a clear out of the blue thing

BUT I know a family who's child was constantly tormented by another child for YEARS ... The staff at the elementary school understood the issue and kept an eye on the BULLY, but when they changed schools the bully's guardians got to the middle school staff first and turned the tables labeling the VICTIM AS THE BULLY -- the staff did not bother to check it out with the old school (in the same district) and took the person at their word ...

So that everytime the bully picked on the victim, it was the victim who was told to take a few days off

His mother finally fed up with the fact that no one would believe her had to pull her VICTIM son out of the public school and enter him into a private school

We often tell kids that a bully will back down when confronted -- but then the system doesn't allow them to confront the bully

It used to be that a bully would pick on a group of kids so that the group could stand up to them - but now it's generally a gang of bullies who are picking on a single kid or smaller group

This scars the tar out of me

I have a peanut of a kid ... And if a bully punched him it could lead to a life long disability ... It could lead to an inoperable situation ... If he gets bullied I want him to be able to stand up for himself and not get pounded on

Wonder why kids don't say anything?

Look at this school

This kid DID say something and little was done

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