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Monday, May 07, 2012

Changing Faces

There have been reports of the White House quietly releasing some of the detainees at Gitmo ... those who they feel will become conter-spies for us ...

but then, while america has been waiting for these trials, while congress has waited to see if Gitmo was as successful as they hoped or if it was just a place to send people who got in the way ... the President has done and end run around them

the releases do NOT require congressional approval or even notifying them ...

those released aren't even asked to disavow loyalty to the Taliban - its kind of like releasing a parolee without knowing where to find them again for their "check ins" only we don't have a "police force" which will hunt them down over there to have them keep up their end of any bargain

President Karzai {Afghanistan, you know our pal under Bush and our backstabber under Obama} has threatened to join the Taliban!

this of course would mean that he now supports the attacks on our troops over there ...

this would also mean that he supports the beheading of our people over there as well - nice friend we have ...

I think the situation over there have gotten way worse under Obama than under Bush ...

not just because the Taliban has gotten stronger -- but also because the military is being gutted here at home with massive budget cuts and what seems like an over-all lack of support.

really you have to ask "what happened to the promised transparency?" .... does any one think that this administration is what we were promised during the 2008 election?

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