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Monday, May 07, 2012

Things That Make You Go HMMMM ....

"we're not there yet, its still too hard for too many, but we're coming back because America's greatness comes from a strong middle-class, because you don't quit, neither does he"
campaign commercial for Barack Obama


Look - not only has this guy had 4 years to make a difference and hasn't ... but his FIRST 2 YEARS his party had all three branches of government in their control and they STILL didn't accomplish anything!

"we're not there yet"?


Is he still going to use the excuse of "its not my mess"? "I inherited it" ... "not me" and "I don't know" ...

this is almost as funny as the "because you dont quit neither will he" like ...

I wonder which comedian is going to show clips of Obama golfing, playing basketball, seeing Springsteen, etc during this time - who would want to quit a job where you can take 5 months of vacation?

C'mon -- Roosevelt did more in his first 3 years in office during the DEPRESSION with both houses against him than Obama has done with at least one house in his pocket1

Why would we want another 4 years of this?

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