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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

economic Education

well it looks like one mismanaged hand of government washes the other ...

the US postal service, while it is a department of the US government, was always meant to run separate from the spending of congress ...

well the Post Masters General and the unions have practically bankrupted the system ...

so much so that they have had to go to congress for funds to keep going ...

to the tune of $34BILLION

this deartment/agency has lost $3BILLION in JUST 3 MONTHS!

It losses $25 million a DAY

they blame it on email & electronic banking/bill pay ...

but really - if you only had to pay 20cents to mail a letter wouldn't you rather do that then pay your huge internet bill? or that transaction fee for using internet bill pay?

the bill passed by congress FORCES the Post Master General to keep people on the payroll when there isn't a need for them, and to keep post offices open even if there is enough mail to justify their being a post office there ...

the bill PROHIBITS them from closing 250 mail processing plants or 3000 rural post offices

the money will also FULLY cover the UNION retirement fund!

but then - I have always felt that in some of these smaller communities the mail carrier is important - for many people it is the only contact they have with the outside world ...

and then there has been cases where mail carriers were intrical in the saving of peoples lives because they have noticed something wasn't quite right.

some senaors feel that the tax payer shouldn't be forced to pay for a "business model" that is out of date ...

I say why should the tax payer be forced to pay for UNION retirement plans?

they should never have allowed the unions to enter the federal work place ... the majority of the loss has nothing to do with the loss of mail - just look at what you get in your box each day - it has more to do with the snowballing of the union contracts and pension plans

then there is the wage of the Post Master general, which can add up to $500,000 a year after bonuses, etc.

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