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Monday, May 07, 2012

Economic Education

I found a clearer explanation of what France can expect from this new President and how it may effect the world we live in:

Francois Hollande is France's new president - he is a Socialist
(not to draw lines here, but so was Hitler)

Hollande wants to "veto" the spending cuts and tax the rich instead ... 75% MINIMUM TAX for anyone earning/making/owning $1million€ or more

He also wants to spend MORE than they were before

He wants to hire 10,000+ more teachers (paid by the government)

He also says he will have ALL of France's troops out of Afghanistan by the end of the year - a year before the NATO says they should leave - as a member of NATO it's suppose to comply


In Greece, the Neo-Nazi party got 7% of the vote! And without a majority of any single party, there is no clear direction for the government to move ...

Greece also got rid of those politicians who supported cuts to entitlement programs, longer work weeks (they wanted them to go to 30 hrs/wk), and higher retirement ages (age 62)

Greece's stock index fell more than 6% today alone on the news of the government shake up

And there is rumor of Greece leaving the Euro

So who will Greece and France have to go to in order to get money to keep going with all their big spending plans?


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