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Thursday, May 17, 2012

File This Under

Saving Us From Ourselves!

Don't worry - the US govt will save us from those awful terrible restaurants who insist on feeding us food we want to eat, and FORCE them to follow the FEDERAL GUIDELINES of nutrition whether we like it not!

A recent study showed that the overwhelming majority of food places served meals that where created without consulting the federal guidelines and not of the time it did not meet these requirements

We will soon see nationwide (at least if the cry-baby liberals stay in majority power) policies similar to those in states such as NY and CA ...

Regulations that forbid salt on tables or adding of the necessary part of our diet during cooking -- YES salt is IMPORTANT to the regulation of nutrition in our bodies, more than what you will find in "raw food"

Regulations in which fast food restaurants will be required to force the nutritional facts down their patrons throats ... and making the print so small on the drive through menus that they can't be seen anyhow

Regulations which will force restaurants to offer "healthy" food item alternatives which patrons will not buy and have to be thrown out anyhow - causing a monetary loss and force them to raise the prices ...

And don't worry about having enough money to pay for the higher costs - the government will simply raise our taxes to pay for the extra personnel to unforced the regulations

Oh look - don't be surprised if the next thing we hear is:

Eating At Fast Food Restaurants Causes The Loss Of Jobs

{doesn't that seem to be the way this Administration seems to think though?}

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