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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Numerology Class

So do you own a hybrid? Would you buy another?

Most wouldn't

35% Nationwide
34.1% Los Angeles
33.5% San Francisco
34.8% Portland
Polk Automotive Market
Intelligence Firm survey

Most site that it takes 7-10 years to make up for the higher price of the car over the gas vehicles ...

but even with the electric power, owners found the cars used much more gas than what the manufacturers claimed they would- then they'd hide behind the claim that "results may vary" ...

most owners found that for TYPICAL use, the gas would kick in more than they had planned on.

The companies feel though that as gas prices sore and sticker prices drop for the hybrids former owners will come back to the vehicles.

there is also an effort for cities to actually ban personal use gas-only vehicles ... I would assume this also means no diesel-powered cars as well.

I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before the UN steps up and says that the USA must ban all gas/diesel powered vehicles ... since they blame the USA for the majority of CO2 emissions {never mind the fact that really the majority of it comes from nations that refused to be part of the Kyoto Accord or aren't part of the UN}

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