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Monday, June 04, 2012

Election 2012

okay - now remember that the Democrats in general ... and the White House in specific have said that there is no voter fraud going on ...

no proof of it
no reason to stop it
and that voter ID would be unconstitutional ... although I don't know how that would work ... I would have to read up on the voter rules of the constitution ... my understanding is that they are vague enough to allow each state to come up with their own specific policies - feds just say how old you should be, that you need to be a US citizen, not convicted of a felony, nor can they prevent you from voting based solely on your race/creed/religion ...

so all this said ...

the DOJ (a branch of the administration/government) feels it needs to send in a group of lawyers to polling places in tomorrows WI election ...


I'm betting this signals that they expect Gov Walker to keep his job - and they are hoping to either (a)intimidate people not to vote or (b)make people believe that he's a shoe-in and then not enough will show up to vote him in.

the one story I read made it sound like they will only be in Milwaukee, but I'm guessing they will be canvasing the state - not just the big cities but those small towns too ...

I will have to wait for the "report" from my in-laws ... if they decide to go vote.

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