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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election 2012

First let me say I totally support the electoral system ... In general

I do not believe in "winner takes all" though ...

I mean look at these maps ... Most of these states haven't even been counted 1/2 way and they are already declaring them for Obama ... Heck look at CA, only 6-9% of the vote had been counted before they declared it ... The cities of San Francisco & LA did it for them.

I'm sorry - but this is just wrong that states which are a MAJORITY of one color should go to that state ... This can be fixed by saying states that have say 36 points need to have their counties split into the same number of zones, each zone worth one point ...

This way one city or county doesn't skew the entire state ... It makes the candidates smooze the whole nation instead of just a few states ... It takes into account both the popular vote AND the electoral votes ... And it holds the fundamentals behind the purpose of the electoral college as it was founded

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