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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election 2012

Interesting ...

Romney/Ryan had scheduled a campaign stop today in OH ...

Now Biden has made an UNSCHEDULED stop there ...

It's interesting because of the airport congestion it would make ... When air force 1 or 2 comes into airspace, everyone else is put on hold ... When it is coming in for a landing, everyone else has to be off the tarmac ...

So you have to wonder if part of it wasn't done just to try to throw a monkey wrench into the R&R routine today ...

~ OR ~

It could be a sign that the O&B camp aren't as sure of OH as they had been a few weeks or even days ago!

I've heard analysts say that they are expecting a lot more conservatives to get out to vote this year, especially in those states where the unemployment rate is high or here are a lot of financial/moral questions on the ticket

I think that while the media has been focusing just on the top two candidates, that there are enough people who don't like either pair of men and are likely to vote for an "off" party ...

Perhaps Libertarian or Constitutionalist ... actually I saw on the ballot in our state (since believe it or not, ballots can change from state to state even in he big offices) there are actually two separate Constitutional parties ... kinds of like there are different types of Baptists or Methodists ... I should do a post on what the differences are between the parties which showed up on our ballots.

Oops - look, I've slide off topic again ...

Biden ....
Ohio ...

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