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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election 2012

As of this post, Romney is leading the electoral votes ...

BUT they had called OK for Romney very early on - like about 7pm CT! Am I wrong or is OK in the Central time zone? This would mean that there was still an hour left of voting!

But then they were declaring FL for Obama before 8 pm CT too - but the Panhandle is on CT and they should never have said a word about it until after 9pm ET!!!

Did the networks learn nothing from Gore v. Bush?

EVERY NETWORK who stated a winner before ALL polls close for a state should be heavily fined and sanctioned by Congress!

And it's not just those ...

ND/SD/WI/IL/MO have all been declared as well ... I know for a fact that the first 3 of those are in the Central time zone and hasn't even been closed for 1/2 hour ...

How the H3LL can they call those states so soon?

It's not like these states are hooked up to the state network that goes directly to some counter ... The sites have to take the count from the voting machines and double check it against the voting slips themselves and make sure that both the number of voting slips counted by the machines checks with the number of ballots handed out and that jives with the number of people who came thru the doors ...

This is at least an hours worth of paperwork just for that ... Then they have to check the absentee ballots and double check that no one who voted absentee also voted on-site ... Then there are those who provisional ballots for those who just moved into the districts where they are voting, or those people who were challenged for one reason or another.

This is going to be a mess ...

Then too there is the whole NJ/NY fiasco that's going on ... People in NJ were told they had until Friday to vote - but only for LOCAL issues, so how many of them will claim that either (a)they didn't get that it was just for local stuff or (b)that without POWER they had no idea they could even vote?!

Plus I'm betting that there is a larger portion of the state who have simply lost track of time too and may not have even remembered that tonight was the election ...

I know in FL there was a robo-call going out that told people that they could vote up until WEDNESDAY night at 8pm ET .... My understanding is that it was most common in areas that leaned republican ...

We will see ...

9pm CT
O = 76
R = 122

O = 143
R = 159

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