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Friday, November 08, 2013

Oil vs, Gas

Well if you are one of those rare homes which are still using Heating Oil to keep it warm this winter - expect the prices to JUMP

In 1973, 17million homes were still using oil for heating

In 2011, that number fell to 1.8 million homes

The majority of houses still using oil are located in the NE US ... although there are still several who use it in areas where they haven't put in general utilities yet -- like up northern MN ...

Owners will spent <b>300% </b> MORE for their fuel than those using natural gas ... But the supply is delivered to their home which means it can't be "shut off" later or the prices hiked up in the middle of a cold-snap to be "refunded" after the state says no ... Trust me, we've had this happen quite a bit here in MN.

Unfortunately this means that businesses are likely to close their doors ... And the price will JUMP for those who will need to have it since the demand is lower but they just don't have a choice ...

So several homes will be spending $2000-$4000 this winter for their oil ...

Of course ....

Wood fires heat too ... But aren't likely to keep everything thawed out since most fire boxes are meant to heat one room at a time ... 

The Oil industry is hitting back though ... Calling Natural Gas bad for the environment ...

But then I don't know what happens if oil leaks out of a tank ... I know it will RUIN the soil, so no growing veggies there ... I'm guessing - it's probably just as bad

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