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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Numerology Class

Newest numbers of HealthCare Enrollment ...

35,000 National "enrollments" {so they say}

In order for this law to work without costing the nation a whole bunch .... I heard on the radio, we would have to have DAILY COMPOUNDED INTEREST of <b>100% </b>!!!!!!!

That means TOMORROW we would have to have another 35,000 enroll

The next day, 70,000 people would have to enroll

The day after that? 140,000 enrollments

Etc, etc, etc ...

Until we finally reach the number needed {without looking I want to say 7.5 million, but I'm probably really low}

Our states enrollment so far?

A whole whopping <b> 1,744</b> 

Yup MN ... Always ahead of everyone else ... Riiiiiiiiiiiiight

{insert eye roll }

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