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Monday, October 13, 2014


Additional info on the airline screening process ...

At the DALLAS airport ALONE over the next <u>10 days</u> :

§  29 flights from Monrovia (Liberia) to Dallas
§  only <b>7</b> go through the airports with the extra screening for fevers/symptoms
§  22 come to Dallas DIRECTLY

Other airports without screening procedures:

§  LAX (Los Angeles, CA)
§  Portland, OR
§  Houston, TX
§  MSP (Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN)
§  Detroit, MI
§  Charlotte, NC
§  Philadelphia, PA
§  Boston, MA

The CDC is working from BEHIND ... This is WORSE THAN KATRINA ... 

The issues with Katrina were a process of government ..... The federal government/FEMA could help ... The governor of LA simply had to ask for help.

The MAJOR issue was the MAYOR of New Orleans NOT ordering a mandatory evacuation ... But I'm digressing.

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