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Thursday, December 11, 2014


So here are the deficits four CANDIDATES:

Redding, CA
-25 .48"

San Francisco


Los Angeles

Did I mention that I'm talking RAINFALL here?

Well, presipitatio

Some places are expecting 8" in the next 24 hours!

That's bad enough in the Midwest ... Where 4" rains can overwhelm the drainage systems and flood fields for at least a week or two ...

But to put all that moisture on top of dry -- like deep down dry -- soil will be devastating!

I know most people think of water being soaked up by the ground -- and normally it would, if they had a sprinkle first for a day or two ... But their ground has got to be compacted and hard ...

It's kind of like pouring a glass of water onto your counter top ...

Normal soil ... Well, growing soil ... Is kind of like carpeting (in the south its kind of like office carpeting with the attached foam backing because of the clay & water table) ... The water will sit on top for a while and then sink down in ... It might take a while but it will go into the carpet.

Wet soil - like we had last Spring - is like a wet carpet getting wetter ... The water doesn't really have any place to go so it lays on top of the soil, works its way through the little cracks in the basement flooring, and can cause floods ... Given enough rain too soon - flash flooding.  But you're still looking at like a 4" rainfall

Dry soil is like ... Well, sand ... You've seen the stuff on the beach -- water rolls right off of it even though it's soft .. It takes a LOT to rehydrate it but there is actually little chance of flooding because the water soaks through it.  No I take that back - the likelihood of floodng right where the rain is happening is a tad less but farther down it will be just as bad.

Extremely dry land -- like CA has seen these last few years -- is the absolute worst!

Water has a tough time penetrating it at ALL ... Like I said it's like a counter top ... Solid - although there may be cracks in it, it's still basically solid.

The rain can not penetrate ... It just sits on top ... Flash flooding happens with just 1/2" of rain because it can't soak in ... It doesn't go anywhere unless it's on a hill

They are going to be in big trouble ...

And more tax money will be going to CA ...

This time in the form of Emergency Funds ...

It's nearly like the dust bowl out there is my understanding.

Even with these 8" ... They will still be way behind ...

But then ...

It is CA

Hey --

I thought they said it was gonna be in the ocean by now!

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