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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Economics 101

Eco inch Freedom
1) Hong Kong
2) Singapore
3) New Zealand
4) Australia
5) Switzerland
6) Canada
7) chile
8) Estonia
9) Ireland
10) Mauritius
11) Denmark
12) USA

We have dropped 6 spots since 2009

BUT ... Other than Australia/NZ & Hong Kong .... Which is actually a part of China ... There really aren't any MAJOR world powers here ...

And ... Where the heck is Maritius? Is it a real nation? Huh.

Don't see Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, China (other than Hong Kong), India, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia ... None of those .... 

So maybe we aren't doing all that bad ... But we are still awfully close to the edge of the preporpus 

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