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Friday, March 27, 2015

Election 2016

I could have called this "Things That Make You Go HMMMM ....." but this is very Hillary specific and deals very much with her election possibilities so ... election 2016 it is.

If you are a REPORTER and doing a story on Hillary Clinton - her news/media consultants want to make sure that you aren't talking about her n a sexist manner ....

So they have BANNED the following words from any news story about her:

Represents the past
Out of touch

Okay then .... 

So in other words .... Nothing that's really about HER!

None of these words of course are linked - not even by stereotype - to females ... None.

Perhaps they are more afraid that the reports would make her sound OLD .... which she is .... or permissive as far as Bills affairs go (and possible sexual harassment while governor of Arkansas went) .... Which she IS ... Or perhaps they are even worried that the RUMORS of a scandalous affair by one of the USAs top administrators during her term will be revealed (it was mentioned in an article written in the UK while SHE was over there on a visit, I suppose it could have been Bill but the article mention that it was was an actual official ... To me, that was her)

I think we are just getting a heads up of how the press would be handled if she DID get voted in ...

I mean do we want a gagged press like they have in the communist countries? Or NO wide spread press like in many of the third world countries, or NONE at all like in many African countries????

I mean, sure we would probably think the world was a better place until reality came knocking at our door ... But still ...

I may not like much of what's out there, but I'd rather know than not know ... You know?

Right now we have a President who doesn't know anything until it hits the news ...

Do we really want a President who's going to be WRITING the news???

Nope sorry ....

That's going way too far Ms. Rodham-Clinton  .... 

Please never forget ...

She's a HYPHENATED person

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