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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Things That Make You Go HMMMM .....

PHoly Cats! 

The Fat/Food/Obesiety Police are going way too far ...

In New York City - you know the same place that restricts how big a soda you can buy but not how many - they are going to limit children in daycare to just 4 oz. of juice a day! ONE HALF cup of juice ... And NO sugary juices for kids under the age of 2 yrs old AT ALL!!!

All juice is "sugary" .... That's why it's sticky when it dries.  It doesn't matter if you add sugar to it or not, it is NATURALLY sweet.

Holy crap!  When I worked at Children's World (formally The Learning Tree) we let the kids have as much juice as they wanted, especially if they had a fever, but limited the amount of formula .... When they turned 18months and moved into the toddler room, THEN we limited when they could have juice (meals & snacks only) but let them drink as much as they wanted .... When they turned 3 or 4 yrs old (depending on how we had the rooms arranged) we then limited them to two half cups of juice a meal/snack time .... But that was it!  Breakfast & lunch always had milk offered, breakfast/snack always had juice.  

I could not imagine not letting children have juice 

But wait, it gets "better"

Kids are only going to be allowed to SIT for a HALF AN HOUR!!!

Not 1/2 hr at a time, for the WHOLE DAY!!!!


$150,000 of FEDERAL taxpayer money is going to TEST a "mindful eating intervention" on THIRD graders in CA!!!!!!!

This basically will use Zen teaching to slow down and appreciate the food before them ....

I say let's put them all on the Ethiopean Diet .... Rice & water three times a day ....


This is ridiculous!!!

Kids bodies will fluctuate as they need to.

Just because kids are overweight does not mean that they will grow to be overweight adults .... Boys especially boys.

The best thing we can do is to get the ACADEMICS out of how we feed kids ...

Get ready to have Breeding Boards next ... You can bet that pretty soon they will start picking who will breed with whom in order to make beautiful, healthy kids ....


Anybody else getting hints of Star Trek's Khan?????L?

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