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Monday, March 23, 2015

Things Yhat Make You Go HMMMM ......


Okay so you all may remember the piece on the EPA wanting to make grilling healthier for the globe (huh)

Well they are at it AGAIN ...

This time it's your SHOWERING habits!

They think you are taking too long and wasting too much water.

Along the coastlines I can see an issue -- there they have showers for both before & after you get out of the water ... But at hotels???

I'm thinking it's not an issue.

Here's what they want to do:

Monitor the amount of time you have water running in your shower, your sink, and how often you flush your potty ...

Then they want to CHARGE your credit card based on how much you use

So if you stay at a hotel in CA or AZ or even OR, where they aren't having any drought issues right now - you may suddenly find a second charge on your credit card APART from your hotel charge .... and NOT by your hotel but from the STATE/COUNTY/CITY where you stayed!

Wow ... I'm betting there are going to be all sorts of charges & taxes hooked onto that charge too!

So not to be out done ...

The Michelle Obama program that made those.... AWFUL school lunches .... The ones that kids just HATE more than their mothers tuna noodle Hotdish ... Has a hidden clause which is about to hit DAYCARES across the USA ...

Weighing & Measuring Toddlers!!!!!!

Yes - the same government that is supposed to be concerned about eating disorders is about to do their best to ADD TO IT!!

They are currently expecting only 3000 kids to be measured but you know damn well that's waaaaaaaaayyyy under-estimated!

I worked in the daycare system ... Not in-home daycare, a Center system ....

Trust me -- kids will eat what they will eat.

I was told my son & daughter were both over-weight by daycare workers in their rooms and the Public Health Nurse ... My doctor said they were fine ....

By the time my son was two he was the tallest kid in his classroom ... He stayed that way all the way until high school.  My daughter was tallish too but when she hit puberty - BOOM - that girl popped!

Front and back ... All natural, no surgery, no additives .... Wow - Kim Kardashian wishes she could look like my daughter.

Trust me -- both kids are doing great.

Son is 6'3" tall and 165#
Daughter is 5'6" tall and has a hard time staying anode 100# (in fact she was ordered by the doctor to get to 130# or she wasn't going to be ALLOWED to do PT)

Back Off Government!

Kids bodies change a LOT between ages 0 - 18 yrs old.

They're bodies are little storage systems ... It will pack away what they will need later on ... Don't worry about it.

If there are kids who are grossly over-weight though ... Like off the charts - their DOCTORS should keep an eye on them not the GOVERNMENT 

This is NOT the Soviet Union!

Speaking of body types ...

Wonder Woman

It's being remade for the big screen

Gal Gadot is set to play the Amazonean Princess soon ... But people say she is too SKINNY and her breasts are TOO SMALL

Hmmmm ....

Well ... When you think about it, she probably is too thin - after all WW came from an island without men .... She was a warrior, so you know she ate ... She wasn't a body builder but I'm betting she was very much athletic so there would be some meat on those bones.

The cartoon was big busted because .... Well ... That's just how they drew girls at the time ... To attract the eyes of horny teenaged boys and older married men with prissy wives ... That's why Marylin Monroe, Jane Russell, and Jane Mansfield were so popular too.

In the 1970s/80s they had Crosby play WW ... She was skinny, fairly boo bless too ... And BLONDE!!  Yes she was blonde, and pretty ditsy too ... Just did not fit the role if you ask me.

Then Lynda Carter came along -- Miss America - she was PERFECT.  In fact they had to take IN the waist on her costume to make it fit .... She is a living Barbie doll, I swear!

She's all natural ... Well she was at the time ... And they had such a tough time finding body doubles for her that she wound up having to do many of her own stunts! 

She is the image everyone thinks of when they think Wonder Woman ... at least from my generation

So now they've got this new chick ... 

She's been described as a lollipop -- giant head on a stick ...

I guess we will have to see how well she acts ...

After all - it took something like three different Hulks to finally get one that matched up to Lou Ferrignos portrayal from the 80s ... 

They restarted SpiderMan a couple times ....

It took the longest time for them to find a decent Thor ... All the previous ones they've had on tv had little toothpick legs ... But still ... an ENGLISH accent for a Norse god??? Really?

Sometimes they click right off the bat (Iron Man, Captian America) and some times they don't .

 Time will have to tell 

Hopefully the script will be good ...

And they have a DECENT Steve Trevor

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