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Friday, June 26, 2015

You've GOT to be kidding!

Okay ... Granted that the guy was a child star .... and even then a really weird one ...

But the dude who played Screech on the very old tv show "Save By the Bell" has been sentenced in WI to only ...

120 days

For STABBING a man!

Never mind the facts that 

A) he brought a weapon into a weapon free zone (the knife)

B) he tried to HIDE the knife from the police

C) he LIED to the police

D) he tried to FLEE the scene but was caught!

Holy Crap!

This guy has a HISTORY of bad behavior & drug use .... He has a problem with his temper ... And he's a habitual liar!

There used to be a show on about Celebrity rehab and he was one it like 3 times.  The last time he finally left on a furlough and just didn't return because of some stupid reason .... I think he felt picked on.

Now I have not heard where they are putting him, but I'm hoping it's in GENERAL population in a regular prison where everyone else would serve.

Not some country club, low security's thing ...

Put him in a cell with some huge fellow who's there on a looooooooong term sentence who will turn him into his house boy.

Time for Screech to grow up!

Even if it's the hard way

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