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Monday, August 03, 2015

Election 2016

Everyone has a horse in the GOP race by the looks of it ... 17 candidates are running right now ... HOLY CRAP!

Thursday night there is supposed to be a debate with the top 10 candidates on FoxNews - and it looks like they are the ONLY network covering it too.

I think that's interesting that NONE of the other news channels are running it - I guess it really shows their BIAS ,,, where FoxNews is more than willing to run the Democratic debates as well (YES there will likely be a couple of those as well)

So the question is ...

Who will make it to the debate?

Here's a list of those currently running:


My understanding is that for sure Trump, Bush, and Walker are in

So the other 7 spots are up for grabs ...

I am really hoping Trump bombs out -- he is a RhINO {Republican In Name Only , he might be fiscally conservative but he is way to liberal socially!  While we may have all loved his feud with Rosie ODonnell I don't think we want a President without any sensor on his mouth

I think we want someone who would THINK before he speaks ... or we will find ourselves in some pretty big problems.

It just doesn't make sense to me why a guy who is supposed to be worth over a billion bucks would go to a job worth only $400,000/year ...  I think he just wanted to get watchers for his TV show or bodies into his casino and ... dang it ... idiots decided he had the best message out there.

Take him out though ... and not only do you put nearly 25% of people back into the mix ... but you would also find the top two - Bush & Walker - are different enough to where there's a real choice to be made.

I am planning on watching the debate on FNC - I have it set to record actually - BUT Comcst has TWO times listed.

4-5pm CT and also at 7:50-10P CT

I don't know what the 4:00 one will be, but I'm pretty sure the 7:50 time will be he actual DEBATE

I will figure out how I will write about the debate while I'm watching (I won't post until Next week though - I've got a graduation party to get going this weekend) ... there are lots of ways to do it ...

I could go question by question, or candidate by candidate, or just a transcript, or I could summarize it all up ...

We will see ... It all depends on what happens this weekend.

Okay - gotta go


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