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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Economic Education

The analysts are wondering why the Market is doing well today with the horrid news of Russia bombing in Syria .... I know, I know!  


The possibility is always profitable .... From weapons to home goods to foods ... Everyone makes a profit getting ready for wartime.

Although this time it's gonna be worse -- way worse .... Russia's got the BOMB, just like us.  Only they aren't afraid to use it if they think it will win the war sooner ...


The rest of the world is not doing so well ...

- 28.6% Shanghai 3rd quarter
- 12.2% Tiawan 3rd quarter
- 14.1% Japan 3rd quarter
- 15.9% Singapore 3rd quarter
- 5.4% South Korea 3rd quarter
- 20.6% Hong Kong 3rd quarter
- 7% United Kingdoms 3rd quarter
- 18% Greece 3rd quarter
- 5.2% Italy 3rd quarter
- 9.1% Portugal 3rd quarter
- 11.2% Spain 3rd quarter

I have not heard how our 3rd quarter has gone ... I'm guessing, maybe, - 2% ... I mean we have gotten back over 16,000 trades in the market.

It does look kinda like before the 1929 crash ... Markets down all over the world but the USA markets up

We will have to see

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