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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Election education

For those of you who will be confused/worried/uninterested in the next presidential election pay a tension…

I have just learned the proper ranks of presidential succession

This means should anything happen to the president of United States, the vice president of the United States, or the speaker of the house someone else is supposed to take over do you know who it is?

Neither did I not really so here's the list

Vice President of United States
Speaker of the house
President pro tem por tempore  of the senate
Secretary of State
Secretary of the treasury
Secretary of defense
Attorney general
Secretary of the interior
Secretary of agriculture
Secretary of commerce
Secretary of labor
Secretary of health and human services
Secretary of housing and urban development
Secretary of transportation
Secretary of energy
Secretary of education
Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Secretary of Homeland security

That's it – that's the list in order of succession.

What does this mean?

To me it means already had her chance she was fourth in line

But it also means that the Homeland security Secretary, or secretary of Homeland security which is the proper title, is the last person in the list of succession

I don't know –

I would think that if you get down to the fourth member of succession chances are you had a major terrorist attack and the secretary of Homeland security should probably be number for before the Secretary of State in my mind

But that is just me

I used voice to text to write this, so if there any area errors… I can't believe I just wrote that… blame it on Siri

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