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Monday, January 11, 2016

Miss a week ... 2 weeks of news:

So I've been sick since my daughter went back to school & had fallen behind in watching my evening news programs on FoxNews .... I'm addicted to The Fice & Bret Bauer's Special Report ....  So I've been slogging thru stuff from before New Years.

Yes it been about 2 weeks worth .... I've only got 2 1/2 more to go (yippee)

I just got to 30Dec2015 when I was shocked to hear this bit ...

Shocked because I didn't see any mention of it on FB or Twitter or on any other news station ... although to tell the truth, I really wasn't looking all that hard.

But it's a story of the Secret Service and about UNliscensed drivers .?..

I guess an SUV carrying some of the Secret Service members on the guarding detail for the Fmr Firsy Lady/Sen./Sec.State were hit HEAD ON by said driver ...

Now Fox reported that it was snowy out .... and the UNliscensed driver was trying to pass another car - so the Secret Serviice guys weren't at fault - the road was located near Wakefield, New Hampshire (that's a ways in from the Maine border).  But they did not say if it happened during the day or night

We've all seen the SUVs these guys drive .... Big BLACK Chevy Suburbans.   You can't miss them during the day - they stick out like a sore thumb, especially on the winter.  Their headlines come on as soon as the engine starts and your have to manually turn them off even during the daytime - its a safety feature - so even if it were nighttime & pitch black, their headlights would be seen.

The agents were severely injured but nothing life threatening ... Let's hope they had their seat belts on at least ... No word where Hillary was, although if she were there I'm pretty sure they would have mentioned it.

The driver? He won't face any charges . Not because Obama or Hillary said to let him go ....  Because HE DIED!  (I am calling the driver "he" & "him" but they never said the gender, it's kind of like how storms are referred to with a female pronoun)

No word on the race/ethnicity of the driver... I kinda doubt this was any terrorist act either.

I think it was just someone stupid enough to get behind the wheel of a car without proper training.

Sounds like the agents are going to be okay though.

I just can't believe I hadn't seen this story any where else over these last 2 weeks ...


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