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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Election 2016

I haven't written much lately  but the Iowa caicuses (a word which makes my 16yr old daughter chuckle) were held last night ...

Here's the results:

28%. CRUZ. (51,047)
24% Trump. (44,837)
23% Rubio (42,577)

{controversy over Statements from Cruz camp saying Carson was dropping out of race when he wasn't ... No word if Cruz actually knew about it or what he will do - but Carson camp has copy of tweets sent out and his wife was at sight where Cruz surrogate said Carson was quitting ... She set them all straight and Carson won that site!  Not good!}

On the Democrats side:

49.9 % Clinton  ( 700)
49.5 % Samders. ( 695)

O'Malley has dropped out of the race getting less than 1%

TOO CLOSE to call although DNC called it for Clinton early on ... Good thing Walserman-Shultz isn't showing any favoritism 


Not to be out done - Trump is in a bit of controversy of his own.

Rumors are circulating on cable news stations that he had people move to Iowa early enough to where they would qualify as residents just so they could vote for him.

Not necessarily illegal, but not exactly above board either.

Now like I said ... It's just a RUMOR ... No proof that I've heard of, just conjecture on cable news stations (CNN, yes I do watch them too)

--0--  --0--  --0--

Now they go to New Hampshire 

Sanders is leading there
Trump is leading there

We will have to see what happens ...

We will have to see if:

§ Clinton gets indicted
§ Cruz finds out he doesn't qualify after all not being born on USA soil
§ Carson can survive dirty play in Iowa
§ if the democrats numbers get above 2000 (wow, I always thought they had a higher count than that) in Iowa)

The soap opera will continue ...

Next week

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