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Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Okay - wish I had gotten a screen shot of this but I didn't ... 


1) pizza  
2) chocolate
3) ice cream
4) Mac & cheese 
5) potato chips
6) hamburger
7) steak
8) popcorn
9) pasta
10) Mexican food

Wait ...
Where's brownies, cakes, pies, soda, coffee tea??
Where's cocoa, toast, soup, apple cider?

I guess it all depends on your definition of both "comfort" and "food" ...

Of course they only asked 2200 adults ... Everyone knows your tastes change as you get older ...


I wonder if they count chili under Mexican food ... It's kind of board ...

I like Polish food myself, as do my kids.

Kielbasa ... Gołabki, pierogi, etc.  there's even a really nice nummy poppy seed bread/roll that I can't spell but - oh my - it's soooooo gooooooooddd!

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