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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Election 2016

Well I haven't commented in a long time -- mostly because all the people I've supported have dropped out ... Now the monkeys are running for office

Clinton vs sanders
Trump vs Cruz vs kirsinich 

Monkeys or jackasses, I haven't made up my mind yet

You can only go OMG so many time, or say cry-baby or whiners so often before it gets old 

BUT New York is another story ... BOTH parties suffered from the same or similar issues.

Besides not allowing independent/non-affiliated voters have a chance, entire REGISTRATION books have mysteriously "disappeared" or people who got their registration notice weren't in the books they did have.

Republicans had books missing, democrats had people missing from what I've heard

I've also heard that you can not register the night of the vote either so there was no fixing the issues either

The State Secetary said there were well over 700 phone calls complaining, normally there are less than 100 

Sanders is calling for an investigation & audit of the polling in New York - have not heard what Cruz has planned if anything

This will be interesting ... and kinda sad ... to watch

Question though:

What if Clinton gets nomination then gets indicted? Will she have to drop out?
What if Cruz gets nomination and then they decide that HE has to be born in US not just a parent? Will he drop or will Trump automatically get it?  

Then there's the delegates ...  
What if it all hits before the conventions?

Will Cruz give his delegates to trump or Karsich? I'm hoping Karsich - I want to see a long convention vote, not like 89 times, but maybe 7 - 10  would be fine.  Last time there was any sort of issue we got Ford vs Carter - we don't want that again!

Even if Hillary wins the election, will the president-elect have to go to jail or will she be covered under the current rule that keeps them from getting sued in office?  

This is gonna be a big test of the Constitution this time!

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